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Revenge is a strong chess engine in development since 2013 with the name of Pedone. It is one of the 10 best chess engines in the world. It's available for Windows x86-64, Linux x86-64 and Linux ARMv8. On request we can build an executable also for Linux ARMv7. It supports the UCI protocol and it is a console program that needs a GUI to work.

The latest version is Revenge 1.0 released on 09/07/2021 it's about 50 elo stronger than Pedone 3.1

Changes compared to Pedone 3.1:

Engine features
Latest release:Revenge 1.0 09/07/2021
First release:Pedone 0.1 19/12/2013
Evaluation:Pure neural network
Variants supported:Chess960
Analysis:Yes, also with MultiPV and searchmoves
Parallel search:Up to 512 threads
Skill levels:100 different levels
Large/Huge pages:Yes
Tablebases:Syzygy up to 7men and an internal 4men tb
Books:Polyglot books
CPU and OS supported:x86-64 Windows, x86-64 Linux, ARMv8 Linux and on request ARMv7 Linux