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Revenge is a strong original chess engine in development since 2013 with the name of Pedone. It is one of the 10 best original chess engines in the world. It's available for Windows x86-64, Linux x86-64, Linux ARMv8 and Linux ARMv7. It supports the UCI protocol and it is a console program that needs a GUI to work.

The latest version is Revenge 2.0 released on 18 December 2021 it's about 90 elo stronger than Revenge 1.0 measured in selfplay at 1:00+0.5 time control. You can check how the engine performs versus other engines visiting CCRL and CEGT. With the new network the engine is stronger in all phases of the game especially in the endgame.

Changes compared to Revenge 1.0:

Engine features
Latest release:Revenge 2.0 on 18 December 2021
First release:Pedone 0.1 on 19 December 2013
Evaluation:Pure neural network
Variants supported:Chess960
Analysis:Yes, also with MultiPV and searchmoves
Parallel search:Up to 512 threads
Skill levels:100 different levels
Large/Huge pages:Yes
Tablebases:Syzygy up to 7men and an internal 4men tb
Books:Polyglot books
CPU and OS supported:x86-64 Windows, x86-64 Linux, ARMv8 Linux and ARMv7 Linux