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Released Revenge 3.0

Engine settings

Select the size for the hash table. The engine can accept values between 1MB and 1048576MB.

Choose the number of threads for a multithreaded search (between 1 and 512).

Enable or disable pondering.

Enable or disable the own book.

Choose the opening book file.

With this true the engine chooses every time a random move from the book, otherwise chooses always the best one.

Choose the score in cp for the Draw (between -100 and +100). An high value makes the engine play for the draw, a low value makes the engine disdain the draw.

Number of milliseconds reserved for the comunication of the move to the gui. Use a bigger MoveOverhead only if you see the engine lose on time (for example if you use it for internet play and the connection is slow).

Set the strength level from 1 to 100.

Display multiple pvs (from 1 to 256).

Enable or disable the allocation of the engine hash table with large/huge pages.

Play chess960 variant

The path of the syzygy files.

Enable or disable the fifty move rule for the tb probe.

Limit the egtb probe with this number of pieces left on the board.

Set the minimum search depth to probe the tb. With this set to 0 the engine probe the tb also in quiescence search otherwise it will probe the tb at the depth of the search set and higher.

Choose the faster executable

In the package you can find different executables for different operative systems and CPUs. We list them in order from the fastest, but you need a newer CPU, to the slowest, that can run also on an older CPU. If you don't know which one to use go down the list and find the first executable that doesn't crash.

  1. Revenge_win_vnni512
  2. Revenge_win_avx512
  3. Revenge_win_vnni256
  4. Revenge_win_bmi2
  5. Revenge_win_avx2
  6. Revenge_win_sse42
  7. Revenge_win_sse2